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  • Hi all.

    As you can see I am new here. Little bit about myself.

    1) American - worked in fussball for most of the past 20 years in varying positions, but never on the field. Hoping to return to working in football again very soon. Joe's posts about American soccer are spot on, I think we could talk for hours and hours on this.

    2) Love Germany

    3) Love German football, the Bundesliga is my favorite league.

    4) Can't find a German club to call my own. I don't follow front runners, but I do like clubs that develop players, good fans, occasional success is nice.

    5) English sites, fan sites, forums are good.

    6) Good club management impresses me. Know your limits and do your best to push them, but don't mortgage the future.

    7) I want to read Jon's book. I saw that someone on the thread got the book - where? How? How much?

    8) Thanks Jon for directing me here.

    Hope you don't mind me feeling out the area.



  • Zitat von panicfc

    I want to read Jon's book. I saw that someone on the thread got the book - where? How? How much?

    Hi mate, welcome to the "Club"
    At this link you´ll find an adress from where you can order the book.
    Or search in the net with this number:
    ISBN 9781843865513

    I have to apologise but i´m too lazy /tired to write more. It´s three o`clock in the morning over here now and it takes me lots of
    concentration to write in english. The time is also the reason why the forum is not very busy.
    Watch some videos here

  • Thanks for the reply. I meant to put "I saw someone in the US - I think the guy from Chicago, got the book."

    To order from Amazon its about $40, bit pricey for me.


  • Thanks again. I googled, but the price is the key. I was wondering if the guy in Chicago found it at a less expensive price.

  • Thanks again. I pm'd Oster to ask where he got the book. Hopefully he will respond quickly and I can go from there.

    Jon actually pointed me over here.

  • Don´t know how it works in the US but here you can go in a book shop with the ISDN number and they will order the book for you
    to the originaly price (euro 11.99, pound 8.99)
    In Nürnberg / Nuremberg it took them two weeks to get the book because it´s not on store here.
    Where are you from ?

  • I'm from New Orleans, but live in Alabama now.

    That's a great idea. I'll go see if Barnes & Noble can get it for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • The user "Oster" s last visit was months ago. Don´t think he will answer.
    Unfortunately there is nearly no traffic (?) in the english speaking section of our forum in the moment. Maybe they are frustrated with our team
    or it´s not busy enough for conversation.
    Conversation in english for us Germans is very difficult even if we all were teached englih at shool.

  • Your English is way better than my German ;)

    I found a UK seller who will ship it here for around $19, so I'm going to order the book. Thanks for the ideas.

  • Zitat von p.

    Were you "blitzed" by hurricane Katharina ? evil thing

    No, I moved away in 2002, lived in Connecticut for a few years and moved to Alabama about 3 years ago.

    New Orleans- we figured something like that was going to happen sooner or later, plus the heat is so bad in the summer. The city is much better now, but I think its going to take another 5-10 years to be really back to normal, but hopefully with less crime.

  • Thanks for the tips. I found the book, but the financial secretary (wife) has asked that I wait to purchase such an item till after Christmas.

    Probably means I have a good shot of getting it for my birthday in February.

  • Better late than never, but welcome.

    Sorry I have not been online over the past month or two. I am taking over a company as their CEO on 1 Jan 2011 and this has caused quite a bit of work for me, and very little time to follow my hobbies.

    I still either go to the game or watch them, still coach a U17 team, and do volunteer teaching on Tuesday mornings on Internet and it's uses in local schools. These 6 hours per week is about the max time I have outside of this new challenging position.

    Hope to see you around, and we do hope that our wonderful Club will be somewhat successful this year (I measure this as not going into relegation).

    Enjoy your holidays!

    1.BL - 2010/2011 Same procedure as every year

  • Congratulations Joe! I assume that new position is good news.

    I was working about 80 hours a week back in 2008, plus taking the stress home with me. When it finally slowed down, I found out I had high blood pressure, had gained 22 lbs, then the doctor told me I was exhausted and my immune system was weak. Got the flu, pneumonia, then had laryngitis for about 4 months.

    So my advice, do what you can to stay involved in your hobbies. Better to step back a little bit then dig an early grave.

    Quick question - How long have you been there?

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!

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